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Annual Audit

Local Church Audits for 2022

Due in the District Office by July 1st

"Audits are for the benefit of the local church. They are our first line of defense against the possibility of funds being misused. The 2008 Book of Discipline ¶258.4 (d) instructs the Finance Committee of each local church to provide for an annual audit of each local church account and report findings to the charge conference.


"It is strongly recommended by the Cabinet that the audit be done by a non-member of that particular church, with the Guideline sheet being signed by that person, and mailed by that person to both the District Office and the local church Finance Chairperson. Suggestion: Churches barter with each other for use of personnel to conduct the audit, i.e., “I’ll do yours, if you will do mine.” If a member of the church being audited is chosen to do the audit, that member MUST be a person who is not currently a financial officer of any of the accounts, nor the spouse or immediate family member of any such financial officer. Churches with budgets in excess $200,000 are urged to pursue a professional audit. Church members doing audits are also asked to provide a copy of the Guideline sheet to both the District Office and the church Finance Chairperson."


- from General Instructions - Local Church Audit Process - VAUMC Cabinet Policies

To Enter your Audit Online in Unity:


  1. Login to Unity using your User ID and password. (If you do not have a login ID, ask your pastor to assist you in creating one. The District Office can also assist you in securing a user login)

  2. Scroll down and click on "Audit Fund Balance Report"

  3. Click "Add New"

  4. Enter the period beginning date (01-01-22)

  5. Enter the Period Ending Date (12-31-22)

  6. Enter information and hit "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

  7. The completed report will now appear on the "Annual Audit Fund Balance Report" page where you can print a copy for your records.


(FYI: If you entered your report in EVC last year, that report will also appear on this page and you can print a copy if needed.)


It is very important that you let the District Office know

when you have submitted your report in Unity.


Using older worksheets to submit Audits


Some treasurers and auditors still prefer to use the old audit worksheets to create their audits. A copy of this worksheet is available below for you to use as well. It is the preferred method, however, to submit your audits in Unity.


For Unity and Older Worksheet users:

Please get a signed copy of your audit and either email, or send a hard copy to the district office for the records.


This is not a charge conference report and should be submitted by July 1st.

2022 Audit Worksheet
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