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Charge Conference

General Information

Charge Conferences will be held in person in four regional locations on Sunday, November 12, 2:00 pm.  If you have any special business to handled at the charge conference, please contact the DS for a separate conference.

1 - Your church's regional location can be found here: Regional Assignments


2 - Download the presentation regarding the procedure for processing charge conference reports: Presentation on ReportsPlease note we are using Acrobat Standard this year to secure the signatures. You do not have to sign any forms - the district office will send the forms (after you complete them) to you for your signature. It is imperative you have the correct emails for the SPPRC Chair, Church/Charge Treasurer and Lay Servants listed in your Unity website as this is what will be used to send the emails for your signatures.


3 - Download the attendance sheet: Attendance Sheet. Pastors, it is your responsibility to get the signatures and turn them in to the Charge Conference Secretary at your Charge Conference site.


4 - Other helpful information regarding processing of charge conference paperwork:

CRSP Calculator CRSP Letter from Pensions Clergy Compensation Instructions

Lay Servant Reports

It is time to prepare your Annual Lay Servant/Speaker Report for 2023. This report needs to be entered on your church’s Unity website. If you have not prepared this report online in the past, your pastor will need to setup a User Name and password for you. Your e-mail address will be used as the User Name and your pastor will assign a password for you. If you already have a password and can’t recall it, please contact the District Office to assist you. Debbie Creech at the District Office can also assist you with login and password access.         


To enter your report, go to;

Click “User Name” and enter your data (usually your email address)

Password: (supplied by your pastor)


Click on the name of your church (In BLUE)

Click on “Charge Conference”

Click on the date of your charge conference (In BLUE 11-12-23)   

   (Note: If there is not a date listed for this Charge Conference, contact your pastor)

Click on “Create New” beside your name

Click “Submit” To the right of your name, click on “View/Print.”


Download a copy of the report for your records. This year we are using Adobe Standard to secure signatures for our charge conference forms. You will be sent an email from asking for your signature AFTER you have completed your report. After all persons have signed the report, the FULLY SIGNED copy will be sent to your pastor and church admin. where you can obtain a copy for your records. This will happen several weeks AFTER Charge Conference is held.


If you are unable to complete your Lay Servant Report online, you can find a work copy of the Lay Servant Annual Report attached for your information and use. You will need to fill out the work copy and return it to your pastor for him or her to enter your Lay Servant information on the Unity site. All forms must be uploaded on the Unity site 10 days prior to your Charge Conference (November 2, 2023), so please allow enough time for your pastor to accomplish this before your church’s Charge Conference. Charge Conference will be held on Sunday, November 12th, 2:00 p.m., at four various locations throughout the district. Your church has been assigned to one of the four sites to attend, depending on your geographical location.


Thank you for your attention in reporting your Lay Servant/Speaker activities for the year. Your ministry is a valuable one for the Shenandoah River District.

Retired Elders

According to The Book of Discipline, ¶357.5, retired clergy are required to submit an annual report to their charge conference affiliated church.  If you have not prepared this report online in the past, you will need to get your Unity User ID and Password from the district office. If you are unable to complete this report online, you may print the attached report form, manually complete it; then send it to your affiliated church.  Click on the link to create the report; print, scan and send it to your church: Non-appointed Clergy Report


Note: At any time after June of the year you retire, to designate or change your Virginia charge conference: 

1. Speak with the pastor in charge of the church to which you wish to affiliate and gain their approval.
2. Send an email stating your new charge conference affiliation to both the former and new pastors, with a copy to both district superintendents and


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