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Parsonage Review

The 2016 Discipline states in Paragraph 2533.4 [page 756]:


“The chairperson of the board of trustees or the chairperson of the parsonage committee, if one exists, the chairperson of the committee on pastor-parish relations, and the pastor shall make an annual review of the church-owned parsonage to ensure proper maintenance.”

Annual Review of the Church-Owned Parsonage

Please make sure that all questions are answered and returned to the District Office. 


Parsonage Inventory Form

This form should be completed regularly and kept in the parsonage and updated as needed. A current, updated Parsonage Inventory is essential when there is a change of parsonage families.


Notes Information Form

Please take a moment to complete this form and return it with your Parsonage review form. This is important information needed at the District Office.

Remember that the walk-through of the parsonage needs to be done at a time convenient for the pastor’s family. I would suggest it should be done between now and July 1, 2023, in order to give sufficient time for the review form to be thoughtfully completed and discussed following the parsonage walk-through.


Even though your parsonage might be rented, you are required to perfrom the walk-through annually and submit your completed forms to the district office.

Parsonage Review
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